Don't panic if you haven't started planning - take time to do it right. But don't procrastinate either, because the older you get, the more your options will narrow.

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FIN PALS is conceptualized with the motive to guide people to a healthy financial life, to befriend people and more so to help them befriend their money matters.

Financial Literacy is the key to financial success of each person. Increasing awareness about personal finance and available avenues helps in wealth creation. FIN PALS is dedicated to help people take an informed decision about their money matters.

FIN PALS aims to provide a holistic approach towards money matters. In the maze of financial products, low awareness and misguidance, FIN PALS vows to be your unbiased friend, philosopher and guide.

Instead of focusing merely on investments and returns from financial products, FIN PALS attempts to gather the pieces of jigsaw puzzle of your Life. After carefully articulating your Life Goals, the emphasis is on how to optimize financial resources to support ultimate objective of achieving Life Goals.

Every individual works, earns and spends to attain his Life Goals, FIN PALS attempts to be their financial buddy in the process.

Harshavardhan Bhusari

Founder, FIN PALS

My romance with Personal Finance commenced twelve years ago during my stay in the Gulf. I found and still believe that there is a dearth of proper guidance when it comes to managing money.

Need to understand goals and aspirations of each individual are greater than ever before. A proper financial planning is imperative for him/her to achieve goals or to realistically get anywhere near them. It is important to have a roadmap of the financial journey ready beforehand to avoid getting surprised when the milestones or life goals actually arrive. Hence, raising the financial literacy levels of the masses is the key to a happier world.

Need for long term planning with regards to investments, insurance, taxation, retirement and estate is essential. Unbiased advice for this is the need of the hour. Procrastination of personal finance decisions due to various factors cripple the chances of an individual to lead a happy, stress free and financially worry free life. However, a financially literate person can easily overcome these pitfalls.

With 22 years of experience in the field of Finance in India and abroad, inclusive of 8 years of experience in the Financial Services sector, Bachelor Degree of Commerce & Law, Gold standard certification- CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER CM, I believe it is part of my social responsibility to guide people to a healthy financial life.

As a practicing CFP, I am on a mission to spread financial awareness. I am consistently conducting trainings and seminars for corporates, clubs and housing societies where I share my knowledge with individuals of various age groups. I believe sharing knowledge is the perfect antidote to gaining knowledge.