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Vision, Values, Mission


FIN PALS vision is to help people achieve their Life Goals by ensuring their financial viability.


The definition of Financial Inclusion in India to begin with is restricted to extend financial services to low income group and hitherto un-served population; we believe Financial Inclusion is needed for all classes of the society in varying degrees.

For the low income group opening and knowing about the operations of a Bank account is Financial Inclusion. For the middle income group, Financial Inclusion may be about taking informed decisions regarding risk protection and investment of their savings. Similarly for the higher income group, Financial Inclusion may be about wealth creation.

A holistic explanation of Financial Inclusion is certainly about:

  1. Raising Financial Literacy levels amongst people
  2. Helping people take informed financial decisions
  3. Providing people a structured approach towards managing money and risk
  4. Making people aware that for achieving Life Goals, financial stability is imperative
  5. Giving people customized recommendations after diagnosing their financial needs


FIN PALS mission is to empower people with

  1. elevated levels of Financial Literacy
  2. ability to take financial decisions
  3. managing money/risk
  4. achieving Life goals with financial stability
  5. customized recommendations

And in turn empower the nation with Holistic Financial Inclusion.