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FIN PALS News Letter - July 2015


Anything beginning with e- is currently the most talked about thing viz. e-governance, e-commerce, e-books, e-mail etc. With official launch of Digital India Campaign it is certain that alphabet 'e' will continue to be in limelight. Have you opted for e-investments as of now? If yes, it is simply a great step ahead in terms of managing your money. If no, think over it seriously and just go for it. It is certainly the future. Remember to check if your method of e-investments is in line with the new developments and really helpful to you. Expect more e-announcements from my side as well in the coming months.

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Contents of FIN PALS News Letter July 2015 includes-- 

  • Digital India-Lets' Log in for Investments
  • Time for Complete Personal Well-Being
  • Interview with ace Fund Manager-Mr. Sunil Singhania
  • The usual industry tit-bits
  • Comprehensive SIP Returns Chart to make your decisions simpler

Read more.. 072015 FIN PALS News Letter.pdf 

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