Don't panic if you haven't started planning - take time to do it right. But don't procrastinate either, because the older you get, the more your options will narrow.

Child's Education Planning

For every parent, seeing their child educated and married embarks an unparalleled joy. Probably, it the best investment any parent can make in their lifetime. Unfortunately, managing funds for home, working around the clock towards the fulfilment of goals left many of us exhausted. If similar are consequences with you too, child education planning can help greatly. Find out how?

Child education and marriage planning consider the following points:

  • Cost of education: Determine how much it is going to cost of education for your child
  • Prepare you for the unexpected: Why let inflation bug eats into your savings and eroding value? Consider the expected rise in inflation while planning for your financial goal.
  • Asset Allocation: Suggest you with the most suitable investment options available to you based on risk profile
  • Invest Smartly: Help you save and invest on a regular basis to generate a wealth boosting portfolio
  • Review & evaluate: Clarify whether needs, goals of client met adequately or not

Escalating cost of education and marriage has left breadwinner in the family distressed. Building a defined strategy to prepare for future needs has become the need of the hour.

The only way to match your funds with the education amount is to initiate planning at an early stage. Invest in high return products, buying education plans, investing into education kitty, would eventually top up your investments during the most crucial times.