Don't panic if you haven't started planning - take time to do it right. But don't procrastinate either, because the older you get, the more your options will narrow.
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Financial Health Check

Can you survive for 6 months without income and without breaking any investments?
Is your EMI more than 40% of your take home income?

Are you aware of inflation? Do you know how it affects your financial goals?
Have you clearly identified your financial goals?
Do you know your personal Inflation rate?
Have you thought about post-retirement increment in expenses due to inflation?
Is your investment portfolio created in a structured and scientific manner?
Do you know the expected rate of return of your investments?
Have you measured the risk of your investment portfolio?
Do you monitor your investments at least twice a year?
Have you been investing only to save tax?
Are you adequately insured (Life insurance, Medical insurance, Accidental death and disability, Property)?

Is your Financial Advisor Qualified (CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER) ?

Are you willing to pay a professional fee for comprehensive financial planning service?
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