Don't panic if you haven't started planning - take time to do it right. But don't procrastinate either, because the older you get, the more your options will narrow.

Retirement Planning

Retirement is all about living luxuriously, fanaticize about touring the world and doing things that give you an immense pleasure.

How does your retirement picture look like? Is it a vision of you relaxing on a fascinating land or seeing yourself hunched over a computer working round the clock? The picture is not so rosy! When it comes to retirement readiness, still many of us don't feel adequately prepared.

The equation of financial success whether pursuing retirement early or already retired lies in planning prudently for sunset years. We at Fin Pals help you understand principles like:

  • The amount of money you invest
  • The growth rate of your money
  • And the amount of time it has to grow

Pre Retirement

When considering retiring early, what's required is a cool head and a disciplined approach. It's not enough just to save for retirement but on the other hand deciding where to put your investments is perhaps the most important decision you can make.

  • Determine the retirement corpus
  • Estimate how much money you'll need as soon as you stop receiving pay checks
  • Decide where to put your investments to keep growing
  • Create, implement strategies that can help you achieve goals
  • Track & review plan regularly

Financial success in retirement is a choice. It results from the small decisions you make early to live a life well dreamt of. Without a plan and goals to obtain wealth, life is like a sailboat without a rudder, it just spins in circles than leading you at definite direction.

Post Retirement

Most of us envision retirement as a time to maximize travel, worry less and enjoy the fruits of labor. However, that rosy picture quickly shifts and impart nasty financial shock. Retirement is not an end to financial troubles. However, our income stops but not cost of living.

We spent years feathering nest egg, tracking investments, allocating assets and contributing a percentage every month to have a comfortable retirement. However, when it comes to meet with retirement expenses, we are not adequately prepared. To ensure regular income stream, maintain same living standard, manage health care cost and make money last longer, post retirement planning gives us financial security to a life well lived

Don't worry, all your post retirement dreams can turn into reality only when you start planning prudently. Opt for security of assured returns while maintaining financial independence even in post-retirement years.